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About 3P Learning
3P Learning is a world leading educational software company with a mission to create better ways to learn. Supporting 250 thousand teachers and 5 million children in 132 countries, 3P Learning is proud to work alongside educators to deliver a love of learning into classrooms and homes. 3P Learning’s core educational softwares suite includes Mathletics, Reading Eggs, and Mathseeds.

Mathletics is a comprehensive online mathematics resource that provides instant access to thousands of digital and physical activities for mathematics practice, fluency, and critical thinking, all in one platform.

Reading Eggs
An online reading software for learners aged 2 to 13, Reading Eggs makes learning to read engaging with online reading games and activities. It is packed with 3,000+ ebooks, activities and resources that open the world of reading to all students. Reading Eggs comprises of three components: Fast Phonics, Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress.

Designed specifically for early mathematics learners, Mathseeds combines highly structured lessons with fun motivational elements, ensuring key concepts are learned in depth. Mathseeds teaches children aged 3 to 9 core mathematics and problem-solving skills with highly interactive online math games and activities.


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