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ACER is an independent educational research organisation. We create and promote research-based knowledge, products and services that can be used to improve learning across the lifespan. As one of the world’s leading educational research organisations ACER has been providing reliable support and expertise to educational policy makers and practitioners since 1930. Working closely with governments, schools and universities in the UK, international aid agencies, and research or not-for-profit organisations. We work to help advance educational research and help progress educational development in every project we take on. We work globally with schools, education departments, ministries of education, further and higher education institutions, donor organisations and non-government organisations to provide products and services at every level. 

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SOFA - Scottish Online Formative Assessments. Used to help pinpoint learner needs throughout their educational journey. SOFA is a progress check to meet the challenges of teaching in difficult times, and beyond. All content used in SOFA is curriculum-aligned and appropriate for the Scottish context, producing meaningful results and valuable insights for teachers and parents in Scotland. ACER’s sophisticated online platform helps you spend less time on administration and planning and more time making the most of the insights from effective assessments. Organise data in a way that suits you. SOFA reports help you clearly demonstrate learning progress to children and young people, parents and school leaders.
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