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Dynamic Earth

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Dynamic Earth is Edinburgh's science and discovery centre dedicated to earth and environmental sciences. We develop and deliver unique, memorable and impactful learning experiences that empower everyone with understanding and empathy for the Earth. Dynamic Earth offer a choice of more than 30 Curriculum for Excellence and Learning for Sustainability linked indoor, outdoor and online workshops on a wide range of earth science topics for learners aged 3-18. All our workshops are led by science communication specialists, experienced outdoor leaders and role models who champion inclusivity and equity in science. Our immersive and multisensory exhibition takes you and your pupils on a journey of discovery through space and time, exploring the processes of our planet and human-environment interactions. We're delighted to have recently opened a brand-new permanent exhibition - Discover the Deep - exploring Scotland's marine heritage and the origins of oceanography. Blast off to outer space or the depths of Earth's ocean with a choice of three live planetarium shows as part of your visit. Dynamic Earth also offers a range of free online and in-person Career Long Professional Learning for teachers. School visits to Dynamic Earth are offered at subsidised rates and we may be able to assist with the cost of your coach, train or boat to facilitate an in-person visit to the centre. Connect with us and unlock impactful learning expereinces that inspire lifelong enthusiasm in STEM learning. Together, we will be the generation that creates a positive future for us and out planet.  


New Products

NEW EXHIBITION EXPEREINCE Discover the Deep - a brand-new permanent exhibition experience exploring Scotland's marine heritage, Scotland's deep water environments and the modern science of oceanography, made possible with thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund. NEW WORKSHOP EXPEREINCES - Marine Mysteries Storytelling (Early Years - P2), Deep Sea Adventure (P3-P7) and Beneath the Waves S1+ provide new opportunities for pupils at every level to take a deep dive into underwater worlds whilst exploring contemporary environmental issues. -Glaciers and Our Climate (S1+) - Learners will apply and deepen their knowledge of climate change in the context of glaciers through digital and hands-on activities. - Climate Justice (S1+) - By putting themselves in the shoes of nations around the world, pupils will identify which countries are at the forefront of the dangers of climate change and collaborate with their peers to achieve fair ways for everyone to survive and adapt to the threats. - Microclimates: Outdoor Fieldwork (S1+) Pupils will have the opportunity to to use sampling and data collection techniques to understand how buildings affect the microclimate of their surrounding area. This session can be run at Dynamic Earth or through local outreach in your school playground. NEW CLPL EXPEREINCES - Outdoor Learning Fundamentals: In this CLPL opportunity we'll explore the fundamentals of outdoor learning pedagogy and show you how to embed outdoor learning practice in your school playground or local green space.
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