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Headstrong Minds

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HeadStrong- The whole package to create Mental Wealth within YOUR school...HeadStrong are a team of Mental Health Experts and Experienced Educational Practitioners who have have been transforming young people’s mental health for over 15 years. We have an incredible record of transformational programmes and inspirational learning in every aspect of mental health. We are ready and waiting to provide the support you have been looking for to help the young people, families, staff and wider members of your school community to become mentally healthy and wealthy.Never has this support been needed more, following an unprecedented few years filled with many challenges. As you will be acutely aware, from infants to senior phase of secondary school, our children are facing one of the most intense and prolonged periods of mental pressure we have ever known. And the very people who are expected to support- teachers, parents, carers- are under intense pressure themselves.That’s where we come in. HeadStrong’s unique and powerful suite of programs are designed by our team of Mental Health Experts and Experienced Educational Practitioners to deliver relevant, cost effective, useable and precisely designed Mental Health Education to your pupils, staff and families. We are a unique school partner from many reasons but one of our key benefits is that we offer you the whole package- analysis, planning, delivery, intervention, assessment and final analysis, all designed to fit in with your budget.  Our amazing team do it ALL for you meaning you know you’re doing your best for them while also delivering the best possible outcomes for your school. We look forward to telling you more when you visit our Stand on 21st/22nd September.    


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