Ten Must Know Bible Stories

Ten Must Know Bible Stories

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Contact:Sue Thomson

Lesson plans, story powerpoints and outdoor trails that encourage children to be active participants as they learn about Christianity as part of the RME curriculum. Tried, tested and trusted by Scottish teachers the resources are free to download and linked to the RME benchmarks.   The 10 Must Know Bible Stories resources model how to embed RME across the curriculum and help children consider how faith and belief affect the world they live in.   The resources for each Bible story include:

  • Lesson plans for First and Second Levels focusing on both Christian belief and morals and values. 
  • Early Level resources packed with ideas for play based and teacher led learning. 
  • Story Trails for Early, First and Second Levels making it easy to take your class outdoors to explore the story. 
  • Outdoor learning ideas, active learning suggestions and discussion based activities. 
  • Links to the RME benchmarks and suggestions on how to link the resources across the curriculum. 
  • Strong links to Literacy and Health and Wellbeing. 
  • Story powerpoints with bright illustrations that help you tell the Bible story and provide images you can use to help children explore the story.

Website: www.tenbiblestories.org    Facebook: www.facebook.com/storiesworthexp    Twitter: www.twitter.com/storiesworthexp 


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