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VEX Robotics is proud to be the only educational robotics company to offer a range of products to span from P1 right through to S6. Integrating educational robotics into your curriculum, or running extracurricular clubs provides a wide variety of learning opportunities at all ages because robotics has all pillars of STEM at its core. It’s never too early to embark on a journey of discovery through STEM education and student in P1 can start to experience robotics and coding though VEX 123. As their skills grow and they move through the school, VEX 123 grows with them giving three different ways to program. From P5, children can use VEX GO to experience the excitement of robotics competitions in the classroom. Using themes like Mars rovers, ocean exploration and village construction, students will learn how to build and program robots to carry out various tasks. Students in secondary schools can use VEX IQ and VEX EXP to play STEM Games in the classroom where they will apply STEM learning by designing and building robots to compete against their classmates. All VEX products come with free lesson plans linked to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence Benchmarks, free software and free teacher certification. 


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